Netbooting FreeBSD with PXE/UEFI

September 29, 2016 — 3 Comments

Dear Future Me,

I guess you came here googling for “FreeBSD PXE UEFI” trying to find out how to netboot your x86 dev box. Or arm64 box. Who knows what you’re hacking on in the future. To do that you need follow these simple steps:

  • Put loader.efi to tftpboot dir
  • Configure dhcpd along these lines:
    host amd64 {
            hardware ethernet  b8:ae:ed:77:88:99;
            filename "loader.efi";
            option root-path "/src/FreeBSD/tftproot/amd64";
            option routers;
  • Make sure root-path is in /etc/exports.
  • If you use MINIMAL-derived config add your NIC driver to /boot/loader.conf:

That’s pretty much it.

Take care



3 responses to Netbooting FreeBSD with PXE/UEFI

  1. Hello, when using loader.efi, it failed to boot into FreeBSD and then the computer reboot after loader.efi loaded, but it do can boot into FreeBSD when using pxeboot. screenshot
    do you have any idea what caused the failure when using efi loader?

  2. I think if_re_load=”YES” force to load RealTek network interface module during boot. If the machine is install with other NIC, it may need other option.

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