USB driver for FreeBSD/Beaglebone

June 27, 2013 — 1 Comment

It took me two months but I finally got back to hacking on musb driver for FreeBSD (the one that is used in TI AM335x-based devices like Beaglebone or Beaglebone Black). Previous revision turned out not to be ready for production. Here is the new one: beaglebone-usb-20130626.diff. I adopted it to latest HEAD, fixed numerous bugs, added support for SPLIT transactions and USB suspend/resume signalling. There is some cleaning-up to do but unless something major comes up the plan is to commit it over next few days.



One response to USB driver for FreeBSD/Beaglebone

  1. Is FreeBSD able to be a USB mass storage gadget for your u-boot RPi build?

    I’ve been unable to get the RPi to see a linux based (Debian) Beaglbone Black device as valid usb device. When I issue “usb start” from u-boot, I get “scanning bus for storage devices… Error condition at line 562: ACK DATATGLERR” with the g_mass_storage gadget

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