FreeBSD/Pi update

October 29, 2012 — 12 Comments

So, here is status update on the progress:

– freebsd-pi github repo has been merged to HEAD and should be considered only as a reference from now on.
– I repackaged freebsd-pi-uboot-20120806-sd.tar.gz so tar should not complain about uid/guid stuff
– Hans Peter Selasky and Alexander Rybalko added host mode support for DWC OTG driver
– Problem with tty on serial port has been fixed. Use 3wire.115200 type for ttyu0 in /etc/ttys

Still a lot of stuff to do though.
I’ll post updated build script later.



12 responses to FreeBSD/Pi update

  1. Nice work! Will test it out tomorrow and update my images ( Thanks 🙂

    • Updated image (and my build script + kernel config) at the above URL. SD card is now working (hooray!), but still no USB keyboard and had to hardcode ROOTDEVNAME. Mine also has a different MAC address on every boot. SSH works though and it’s currently fetching ports 🙂

  2. Great! It would be nice to see FreeBSD images among others fully supporting Rpi!

  3. great job! next step is VPU…

  4. ethernet mac address is random on every bootup, do you have idea? thanks

  5. Awesome! Just ordered a Raspberry Pi, and can’t wait to try this out.

  6. I can not get the kernel to boot from SD or SDHC card (I’ve tried 2 different branded SanDisk 2GB and 8GB cards)

    U-boot gives:

    ** Unable to use mmc 0:1 for fatload **
    U-Boot> mmc part
    ## Unknown partition table

    Now I can switch the card to usb, issue a usb start and fatload the kernel from there but not from MMC.

    Is this how I’m writing the SD card (I’m just dd of=/dev/rdisk3 if=image bs=1m on OSX). Otherwise I’ve managed to go multiuser and ssh/tty in.

    [Why is it necessary to use u-boot? I have managed to just boot the kernel directly (but not from the latest head build) but it had no functional USB support]

    • I’ll test image writing on OS X. U-boot is optional, you’re right. It’s just my personal preference.

    • Use /dev/disk on OS X. Don’t forget to diskutil unmountDisk before that (OS X will automount the FAT partition on insertion) and diskutil eject afterwards.

  7. nice work sir. i’ll try build this with clang-devel on 8.3-RELEASE 😀

  8. I have played around with this using Ingmars image and had some fun. But I am getting random hangs. When it hangs I can’t ping it or ssh it (existing ssh session hangs), but the LEDs seems to indicate normal traffic. Portsnap fetch worked one out of three times. Portsnap extract did not. Manually copied some ports over, but got hang during compile. Had to flash the memory card again after getting “/dev/mmcsd0s2: unexpected inconsistency; run fsck manually.” and then “Aborting boot. Going to single user mode.” (which of course is no good when I can only ssh into it).

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