July 13, 2012 — 8 Comments

NetBSD reached multiuser on Raspberry Pi! Congratulation to Nick Hudson and all involved.

FreeBSD is not there yet, but we’re not slacking either:

Well, may be just a little. It’s not even single user yet. SDHC support is work in progress. No USB yet, hence no keyboard and no network. Just console output to framebuffer or serial port.



8 responses to BSD Pi

  1. Awesome! I look forward to playing with a Raspberry Pi one day once I can run the only OS a sane person would run on something like that. šŸ™‚

  2. That would be nice to run a small server on it. It can be a useful temporary replacement for DNS for example. Interesting!

  3. Is there anything any of the rest of us with a pi and freebsd knowledge can do to help ?

    • Not at the moment I guess. We need to stabilize kernel and get multiuser working. Afterwards having specially packaged FreeBSD/Pi would be great.

  4. Hello there!

    I’d like to know more about FreeBSD con the raspberry-Ļ€. I got it just yesterday.

    Kind Regards.

    • It’s very early stage – kernel is very unstable. But once we’re done I’ll post instruction on how to get FreeBSD running on it.

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