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Some issues still pending though. Cache management is major one. Things seemed to work fine in emulation but backfired into face with real hardware. I ran into several “random” bugs that were narrowed down to caches. More to go :( Also ethernet driver performance is low but it’s easier then hunting down ethereal cache matters. Or so I think.

This weekend will be dedicated to making openocd work with routerstation, learning debugging and profiling techniques for MIPS hardware and improving FreeBSD/MIPS pieces of DDB.

>So it has been a month since last post about this device and I think it’s time to announce current state of affairs.

  • UART: just works
  • PCI controller: kind of works. Proper interrupt handling/routing required.
  • On-board ethernet controller: WAN port works fine. Mounts NFS root/loads init. Some minor work should be done in order to get both ports working.
  • Integrated OHCI controller: kernel detects and initializes it. Need USB cable to connect something to headers on the board and test if it actually works.
  • Integrated EHCI controller: in progress. Some refactoring of current MIPS bus_space implementation required.
  • GPIO: to be done
  • Flash memory: to be done

At the moment further progress was blocked with something that looks like memory corruption. It’s hard to trace with ktr(4) and printf(9) so I ordered Flyswatter JTAG adapter and MIPS14 adapter from Tin Can Tools. I was warned that Flyswatter/MIPS combination is not supported by OpenOCD but I’d better spend some time making it work then tracing obscure memory corruptions in the wild.